W9 Form for Employees

IRS W9 form— is one of the most widespread document in our country. Almost every person deals with that sample at least once in his or her life. If you work in some company, you need to complete the W-9 blank 2018.

Should every worker fill out this template? It depends on the case. Let us investigate this question closer. In fact, everyone pays taxes, especially those who are working. The minimal income you should receive to pay them — is six hundred dollars per year. But not all the people who get that money, have to fill in the sample themselves.

If you have signed the contract like an employee, not an independent contractor, the organization should pay taxes. If you are hired as contractor or freelancer, then tax payments is your responsibility.

How Should I Complete W-9?

It is better to use the online version of the W9 form, to complete it quickly and without mistakes. You may find the necessary document on our website and fill it out online. To prepare the blank you have to follow such steps:

  1. Type in your personal name as it is given in the documents, and the name of your firm (if any).
  2. Add the information about your organization and classify it according to the given criteria.
  3. There is no need to fill in exemption box, as it is given for certain entities only.
  4. Add your contacts and postal address.
  5. Insert your social security number or employee identification number.
  6. Sign the document using the signature field. Type in your name and surname or draw a signature with your finger.
  7. Finally, you may print the form and send it by post or use “Send via USPS” function.

Note, that there is no need to assign the blank to IRS. Address the letter to the institution that pays you the salary.

Do not wait until the last moment, as you may get a penalty because of that. In addition to that, you should not hesitate to fill out the template on demand of your employer. If the W-9 form is not provided, the company will not be able to process the payment. Companies often use such form to include the information in 1099 forms.

Ready to Fill Out Form Form W-9 2018 Printable?