Form W-9 2018 Printable
Form W-9 2018 Printable

W-9 Form Printable IRS Blank 2017-2019

What is Form W-9

All U.S. taxpayers have an obligation to prepare declarations that contain information about the income they receive and report them to the IRS every year during the tax season. Such documents, also known as tax forms, allow the IRS to quickly and correctly process all tax-related information according to your personal details and a unique Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).

W-9 form is one of the most significant tax returns. It applies to many cases. For instance, you might be required to fill out IRS W 9 form 2018 printable if you’re employed as a freelancer or independent contractor. Also, there are cases when you or your business provide services to another company. You might also be asked to complete the blank by your bank or another financial institution, for example when opening a checking account.

How to Fill out Form W-9 Online

A newest version of fillable W9 can be easily completed online. In order to do so, one needs to fill in the required data and sign the document electronically by typing or drawing your signature or uploading a scanned image. Then you can save it in PDF format to your hard drive. There is also a possibility to forward it to your contractor or business partner or download blank W-9 form to print it and get a paper copy.

Open the editable IRS W9 sample and read it carefully. Follow the instructions and complete the report electronically. Make sure that the following fields are properly filled in:

  1. Full name;
  2. Business name (in case it doesn’t match your full name);
  3. Enter your tax classification;
  4. Exemptions (codes applied to the entities based outside the U.S.);
  5. Address (also requester’s details, if necessary);
  6. Your city and state code;
  7. Indicate account numbers if necessary.

Provide your TIN, draw or type in your autograph, then click “Done”. Individuals who decided to change their name (and did not inform the SSA on time) must indicate their name as it is shown on a Social Security Card, and the new last name.

When is Backup Withholding Applied

Backup withholding only refers to specific incomes. In most cases it is applied when you make payments to business entities (such as those made to freelancers and independent contractors) you will likely have to withhold taxes from them.

Backup withholding payments include the following:

  • Royalties;
  • Barter transactions;
  • Interest payments and dividends;
  • Broker operations;
  • Payment Card and Third-Party Network Transactions;
  • Rents and other profits.

To obtain your TIN without any delays remember to check if the information you submit on 2018 W 9 is true and complete. Remember to sign all the papers otherwise they won't be accepted. PDF form W-9 is widely used in all kinds of employment-related transactions. Keep in mind that the form can only be filed out by U.S. citizens, U.S. resident aliens who are authorized to work in the U.S. legally and have all the necessary documents.