Online Form W-9 and Commonly Asked Questions

The Internal Revenue Service requires the citizens of the United States to complete the W-9 form in order to withhold a perсentage of earnings. These withholding are the federal income taxes. Your employer has to provide you with the W-9 form. It’s a standard tax document, that should be filled with the required information helping your manager to report your gross income. We collected the most frequently asked questions about the 2018 W9 printable to inform you about any pitfalls you may encounter while reporting your income and tax information.

Where to Get Form W-9?

Once you get a job, your company or an organization should give you a blank for completing. But if you are a manager of this company and you are looking for fillable templates, you can find them online. Form templates are available on the website. Moreover, you can fill out the electronic blanks online and then send them to the IRS via email. Easily download the completed document and print it, in case you want to send it by mail.

How to Complete a W-9 Form?

Filling W-9 2018 form is pretty simple. Just insert the required data. Here is the list of information that should be necessarily involved.

  1. Your name (as shown on your income tax return);
  2. Your business name (if different from above);
  3. Tax Identification Number (TIN);
  4. Check one of the boxes for federal tax classification;
  5. Exemptions (codes applied to accounts maintained outside the U.S.);
  6. Your business address (number, street, apt. or suite no.);
  7. List of the account number (optional);
  8. Requester’s name and address (optional).

Where and When Should I Send a W-9 Form?

If you got a template from your employer, just return him or her the filled document. Your manager has to keep it in his or her files for reference during the end-of-year accounting. If you are a manager, you have to file 1099-MISC blank in order to report the amount of your company's yearly income. Interest, dividends and other types of income are also included.

What Are Things to Look Out For?

Starting a new job, be sure they hire you as an independent contractor or as a freelancer, but not as an employee. Otherwise, you have to complete W-4 sample to set your withholdings. Self-employed workers don’t pay taxes, but make payments to the IRS on their own. Make sure, you received your blank from a secure source with a secure method of delivery. Don’t share your sensitive information without exercising caution.

Ready to Fill Out Form Form W-9 2018 Printable?